vintage lace Nick & Nora cocktail glasses

Nick & Nora Glassware, our fave cocktail glasses

Sometime, maybe college or right after, I started collecting vintage cocktail glasses.   My mom was an interior designer and some of my greatest memories are of us having cocktails and going into design shops of some of her designer friends.  

vintage nick and Nora glasses on an antique brass drinks tray

Nick & Nora glasses are one, if not my favorite, types of cocktail glasses.  So much so, that we used the same style we currently sell at House of Modern Vintage for a seated dinner at my own wedding.  

wedding seated dinner with nick and Nora glasses and blue and white vases of flowers, New Orleans, home decor


Origins of Nick & Nora Glasses

I had to google this, but they're named after iconic characters from the 1934 film "The Thin Man".  I'm a cocktail enthusiast, not a movie buff, but I think these are perfect for anyone that loves a vintage style cocktail.  

With their delicate stems and small capacity, these glasses are ideal for serving up sophisticated drinks with a touch of old-world charm.


vintage nick and Nora glasses in a champagne tower at the Elms Mansion


Choosing Vintage Crystal

There's something special about sipping a cocktail from a vintage crystal glass. Every piece has a history - its past adds to the experience.

Here at House of Modern Vintage, we scour estate sales and New Orleans shops to be able to offer a curated selection of vintage crystal glassware and antique glassware including American Brilliant Glass.  Mixed with our fave Nick and Nora glasses and other new brands, like The Vintage List and Sir/Madam, we look to elevate your cocktail game.

House of Modern Vintage is your one-stop shop for vintage and modern home decor. From vintage barware to mid-century furniture, they have everything you need to create a stylish and sophisticated home bar. So why settle for ordinary glassware when you can sip in style with Nick and Nora glasses?

So go ahead, channel your inner Gatsby, mix up a classic cocktail, and raise a toast to the good old days with Nick and Nora glasses. Cheers to vintage vibes and timeless elegance!

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