hadn't painted blue and white tulipiere with hot pink camellias from House of Modern Vintage

Hand Painted Blue & White Tulipiere Vase -

Step into our design world at House of Modern Vintage, where our everyday goal is to marry traditional home decor and contemporary design.  

Obviously, we love a collected home.  Antiques, vintage brass, crystal vases all create a beautiful ambiance but what makes a space special is adding pops of color throughout with fresh cut florals (I might be biased, I am a florist).  And one of our favorite ways to display florals is our hand painted tulipiere.


What is a Tulipiere?

A tulipiere is a stunning vase-like vessel, originally from the Netherlands, designed to showcase and arrange tulips in a way that highlights their natural beauty. This particular one is a four piece vase, created from porcelain that and painted, with multiple spouts for fresh cut florals.

I had some fresh cut camellias from my side yard and thought the vibrant pink would add a fun touch to the traditional style of the classic blue and white tulipiere.  

Perfect Additional to any Style Home Decor


Tulipieres are great statement pieces, especially when you add in vibrant hues of your favorite florals.  The Delft style painting adds a fun pops of color itself but these style vases are a great way to add a traditional accent into your home decor.  It's a classic!


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